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"Even if it is a garden you know by heart
there are twelve months in the year
and every month means a different garden,
and the discovery of things unexpected
all the rest of the year."
~ Margery Fish from We Made a Garden, 1956

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• Finish planting spring bulbs including Lilies and Tulips.

• Bring in Amaryllis bulbs forced into dormancy in September or early October or plant purchased ones and place in a sunny area or under plant-growing lights. Replace the top inch or so of soil, add a bit of bone meal. Water the plant, and get ready for a new cycle of bloom.

• Bring in for forcing the first batch of spring bulbs that were potted up six weeks ago.

• Continue planting trees and shrubs.

• Transplant deciduous shrubs.

• Prune shrubs and trees to remove crossing branches and to restore the natural shape. Do not trim to reduce the height or length of branches until mid February.

• Cut down spent perennials and pull up dead or dying annuals.

• Fill up bird feeders.

• Rake lawn to remove fallen leaves and twigs.

• Rake or blow leaves from Hosta beds.

• Gently rake or sweep fallen leaves from beds of Ivy, Pachysandra, and other evergreen groundcovers.

• Add leaves to compost pile.

• Start collecting and making drain holes in containers for WinterSowing.

• Purchase potting soil before it disappears from store shelves.

• Inspect Euonymus for scale.

• Japanese and Siberian Iris and Daylily foliage can be cut back.

• Label all varieties of summer bulbs before storing.

• Finish planting Peonies, be sure to mulch after the ground freezes.

• Replace spent annuals in window boxes with branches of evergreens.

• Make a wreath from fresh greenery for the holidays.

• Cut some branches from Hollies, Nandina, Magnolia and other shrubs and trees for holiday decorations.

• Pot up more Paperwhites and other spring bulbs for forcing in late winter.

• Dig up Wild Violets and winter annual weeds.

• Start hyacinth bulbs in a hyacinth jar.

• Plant up rooted cuttings in well-drained soil.

• Winterize the swimming pool and garden pond.

• Pull up privet seedlings.

• Mulch Cannas and other tropicals such as Elephant Ears.

• Clean and oil tools before putting them away for the winter.

• Try propagating hardwood cuttings.

• Sort through seeds and start WinterSowing winter annuals and perennials.

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