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"Even if it is a garden you know by heart
there are twelve months in the year
and every month means a different garden,
and the discovery of things unexpected
all the rest of the year."
~ Margery Fish from We Made a Garden, 1956

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• To force Amaryllis to flower for the holidays, bring potted plants inside to force into dormancy. Cut off the leaves approximately 2" above the bulb. Place in a dark place at room temperature or slightly cooler and do NOT water the plant during its dormancy. After about five weeks or longer, about four to six weeks before you want it to flower, return the bulb to a sunny area or place it under plant-growing lights. Replace the top inch or so of soil and a bit of bone meal. Water the plant, and get ready for a new cycle of bloom.

Weed flower beds and borders to prevent the spread of weed seeds. •

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